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Our values are what make us different, what make us stand out.
They run through everything we do,
guide our people and business, to success.

“We want to make a difference”

“We really care”

“We are great team players”

“We have the courage to win”

Our Essence Values are our Moral Compass across our QB family, they guide behaviours and influence the culture and make working at QB something to be proud of.

Our Essence Awards remain one of the most important initiatives that we need to encourage throughout the QB Group as we continue on our journey to build a sustainable, leading international spirits group that’s admired in our industry across the world.

  • They are about how we work together today and about how we want to work together tomorrow
  • They represent how we think, how we feel and how we act to bring out the best in each other
  • They can help us shape a successful future which we can achieve together

They are our Quintessential Essence

QB takes our values seriously, we reward and recognise our values champions through our Essence Awards; recognising our colleagues who go above and beyond in striving for success, for taking the time to show they care, for working together and for making a difference.