In The Spotlight: Julie Martin

//In The Spotlight: Julie Martin

In The Spotlight: Julie Martin

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This month, Julie Martin, our London Office Manager is In the Spotlight.

What do you love the most about QB?

“One of the reasons I enjoy working for QB is you can see the results that your work has on the business.  When you work for a large company you are just one of several or multiple individuals doing the same job and it is difficult to see the difference your input is making.  Here at QB, the effect you have is tangible and you get a sense of achievement from it.”

Where did you work before you joined QB?

“I worked for over 16 years in the Investment Banking industry.  I started at JPMorgan as an Executive Assistant and worked my way up the ladder to Associate level.  At Citigroup, I was promoted to Business Manager which was a big surprise, but sort of proves that hard work pays off. I used the skills from that role to move into Office Management which is where I saw a natural progression in my career.”

What does a day look like in your role?

“Every day is different, but that’s why I enjoy the job.  I’m in the office just before 8:30 am – make sure the kitchen is ready for visitors and have a look at the diary for the day. However, things can come along to put any plans awry, such as last-minute customer visits, emergency payments or an office emergency such as a leaking roof. You have to be flexible and able to drop things.  If I have a tight deadline to meet I have to be able to manage people’s expectations.”

What is your favourite Drink in our QB portfolio?

“That is an awful question to answer as I’m a fan of all of them, but I’m a BIG gin fan, so when I got the job, it was a dream role.  However, I do enjoy an Opihr and Ginger Beer with Orange Garnish. Or a Greenall’s Bramble Cocktail.”

What are your hobbies?

“I’m a big car fan, I had my first car when I was 4 years old as my grandfather worked for a car manufacturing plant –  I think I was hooked from there.  I enjoy both driving and watching car sport such as F1.  I’ve only recently got into social media in the last 2-3 years so I’ve combined my love of food with my love of photography and post onto Instagram and Facebook when I can.  I’ve always got a book on the go and read anything from Sci-Fi, History to auto-biographies.”

You’re happiest when…?

“I’m with friends, relaxing with a drink and good food, or I’m with my family back in the West Midlands – it’s a good way to get out of London and relax.”

Your guilty pleasure is?

“Well if I told you that, it wouldn’t be my guilty pleasure any more….But, I will admit I’m partial to a bag of Twiglets.”

Something interesting about you?

“I can scuba dive and one of my favourite memories is spending Christmas Day diving in the Maldives, 20ft down surrounded by shoals of brightly coloured fish at a fish cleaning station. It was so tranquil and peaceful and amazing.”

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